Sunday, January 1, 2012

UFO Challenge

As I browse lists made by others who have joined the challenge, I see that most of the UFOs are in some stage of completion and only need to be quilted, bound, etc.  Please bear with me for 2012 as my UFOs are mostly groupings of fabric with patterns chosen.  I am keeping a Longarm UFO list, too, and hope to make a big dent in it during the upcoming year.  When I got my first longarm, I had about 15-20 pieced tops that were ready to be quilted.  I mistakenly thought that number would decrease, but now I probably have about 85 tops to be quilted!  The bright side to that is that I will have lots of practice on the longarm and an opportunity to try lots of new techniques!  When I complete a top, I make the backing and binding so it will be ready for completion. 

I'm also keeping lists for UFOs in counted X-stitch, crochet, sewing, decorative painting, and miscellaneous.  I really felt good when I finished UFOs in all the categories in 2011.  Guess I'm a "list" kind of person!  Thank you, Judy, for providing an incentive for finishing projects!

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  1. I figure if I can do the one list this year maybe next year I can do a second one. I have to ease into these things. No telling how many UFO"s I really have I haven't unpacked everything yet. If I can get the 12 on my list done it will be a giant step in the right direction. Good luck I'll check back and see how you are doing.