Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, 1/9/2012

I just read the last few blogs of the 2012 participants of Judy's UFO Challenge--big mistake!  I found a couple more quilts that I want to make!!  I have too many quilts on my want-to-do list, for sure.  Still waiting to go to the big city to find the "just right" fabric to make my next round on #5.  I'm building this quilt from the center out--which I don't usually do.  I had this quilt marked in a quilt book from many years ago (Quilted for Christmas, Book 3)--and made the appliqued center motif in Christmas blues/silvers and also in reds/greens--the blues/silvers is my #5 for 2012.  The book shows it in a small size, but I rarely make "small" as my walls are already full.  I'm excited to get back to work on it.

In the meantime, I spent time in my sewing/quilting room yesterday but didn't actually sew.  I updated my Diamond, unzipped & looked at the machine embroidery designs I purchased from BFC during their annual 1-day sale (look at Sally King's shoes!), and did a bit of organizing.  I found the fabric (purchased from Hobby Lobby several years ago) that was resting with a magazine containing a pattern for a Bear Claw in a Bear Claw--and that is one of the UFOs on my list!!  Since I have several UFO lists going, I decided to work on a couple of things from the other lists--and finished 1) hand X-stitch on a baby bib and 2) got the hand X-stitch done for a chatelaine I'm making (and have been making for umpteen years!) for my sister.  I have all the harder parts done (a thread pocket, tiny quilt strips/blocks for the sides, etc.) but have never finished it.  Hopefully I will go downstairs soon and work on putting it together--after resting a bit from working through an exercise DVD (yup, another resolution/list!) that tired me out.  I blame my age--but the real culprit is sitting on my tush and not eating right.  Guess this is my blogging diary to try to keep on track!  Laundry, call my mother (2 years in a nursing home), make scalloped potatoes & ham--the rest of my day!

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