Friday, January 6, 2012

First Week of 2012 Nearly Gone...

When I was young, I didn't know what it meant when people said days went faster when you were old--but they really do!!  I can hardly believe that nearly one week is gone from the year 2012!  Does God have a different clock for seniors?

I have accomplished a bit but not nearly enough.  I took down all the Christmas decorations, the two trees, and everything is put back into boxes in the storage room.  Well, nearly everything.  My husband has to help me with the animated Christmas circus carousel above the back bar downstairs and I missed one crock that is holding silk poinsettias.  Oh, well...  I usually don't put things away this soon as I love the spirit of Christmas.  I also have 2 angel afghans (on my crochet UFO list) about 2/3 done--and then I ran out of yarn.  I will have to wait until we make a trip to the "big city" to get more yarn.  Our little town doesn't have yarn--we're lucky to have a market!

I am so relieved to see the red "x" gone from my name on Judy's UFO list--and my name still there!  I haven't done any sewing or quilting yet this year, but will check my Christmas fabrics today to see if I have another blue/silver that I can use on #5.  I have the center motif done and am still trying to decide how to make the rest of the quilt.  Maybe I'll check quilt pictures in my favorites folder for inspiration. 

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