Sunday, December 16, 2012

Judy's 2013 Project Aids

I've already decided to participate again with Judy Laquidara's "project aids" (for lack of a better name) in 2013 (see:  I hope I can reduce the stash even more in the upcoming year--I'm excited to put 2012 behind me and start anew!  I think I will participate in (1) Sunday Stash Reports and (2) the UFO Report, and add a LA-UFO report to my UFO/NewFO report. 

My UFO/NewFO list for 2012 only decreased by 6--well, 7 because I found I had already put together a top with one of the embroidered block sequences!  And I substituted 5 quilts for those on my original list.  So, I can say (sort of) that I finished 11 out of 12.  And I did 6 QOVs--for a grand total of 17 quilts finished. 

My 2013 list will start with the unfinished quilts from this year--and I may list steps at the end of each month although my goal will really be to finish a quilt a month, which is a good motivation for me.  I have 5 remaining on my original list, and 10 left on my "B" list, and 3 left on my "C" list--I'll probably have an "A" and a "B" list for 2013.  In addition to piecing tops, I'm going to have a separate list of LA-UFOs which will be quilting all those pieced tops on the longarm.  (Would you believe 77 tops in that stack plus 3 QOVs?!  Time to get those done--my skills should definitely improve by the reduction of that pile!)  Some of these are baby quilts, most are large quilts.

I will again have lists for X-Stitch (1 finish this year), crochet (3 baby afghans finished and 1 stocking cap), sewing (I made 18 receiving blankets and 7 pillowcases plus some miscellaneous things), machine embroidery (I made embroidered blocks of snowmen for a quilt for myself and one for my sister), and decorative painting (none finished :-(  --have a lot to do here!).  I didn't do well on any of these lists--but, hey, one finish on any list is better than none!  I think I have too many hobbies.

So, my 2013 lists (that I will report) will be:

Sunday Stash Reports

The other 5 lists I will share only on my blog, but less frequently than the ones I share on Judy's site.  I'll start making all my lists soon; wish me luck in 2013!

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