Monday, December 31, 2012

GET IT DONE 2013 - January

I may be setting my goals too high; but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

January, 2013 Goals:
1) Finish piecing R/W/B String QOV - to be donated to Star Valley Piecemakers for WY soldiers.  I currently have ten 11.5-inch blocks made; I need to piece 15 more blocks, make borders, binding, and backing.  I'm using a non-fusible foundation grid to sew my strips on--I can't remember when or why I bought it but I'm "using it up"!  (UFO-NewFO)

2) Machine quilt Blue/W Labyrinth QOV.  This top was pieced in December, 2012 and will be used when/if notified.  (It would be so nice if it was NOT needed!)  I plan to do feathers, SID, and a background fill on my longarm.  (LA-UFO)

3) Piece 2 Labyrinth QOVs in R/W.  I may substitute a QOV pattern from DeeDee's site.  I have fabric for these--nothing started.  (UFO-NewFO)

4) Make 2 Fall/Pumpkin table runners.  The pumpkin and backing fabric are cut to length, and I have tassles for the ends.  I plan to use fusible cotton batting as I did for the Halloween table runner I made in December.  (Hey, I'm counting it as 'being ahead' instead of 'being behind'!)  (SewUFO)

2013 UFO-NewFO List:
1a) Red Xmas Basket Quilt (UFO)
2a) A Graceful Winter Xmas Quilt (NewFO)
3a) Bear Claw in Bear Claw (NewFO)
4a) Baby 3D Pinwheel (NewFO)
5a) Embroidered Colorwork MOY Boys (UFO)
6a) Embroidered Colorwork MOY Girls (UFO)
7a) Scrappy Birds in the Air (NewFO)
8a) Scrappy LogCabin (NewFO)
9a) Embroidered Undercover Kids (UFO) DONE
10a) Scrappy Trip Around the World (NewFO)
11a) T-Shirt Quilt for Niece (UFO)
12a) Forest Floor (NewFO)
1b) Penguin (NewFO)
2b) Sapphire QOV (NewFO)
3b) Secret Jungle QOV (NewFO)
4b) Biscuit Quilt (NewFO)
5b) Scrappy "Corners 81" (NewFO)
6b) Embroidered Playful Snowmen (UFO)
7b) Lavender/Blue Pineapple (NewFO) DONE
8b) Black/Yellow Pineapple (NewFO) DONE
9b) Scrappy Postage Stamp
10b) Craftsy2012 BOM (NewFO)
11b) Craftsy2013 BOM (NewFO)
12b) Scrappy Irish Chain (NewFO)

{All Listed QOVs are NewFOs}
QOV1) R/W Labyrinth  DONE
QOV2) R/W Labyrinth
QOV3) R/W Labyrinth
QOV4) R/W Labyrinth
QOV5) R/W/B String DONE

I currently have 79 quilts in this stack--too many to list here, but I do have a paper list (which will increase as I work on the UFO-NewFO List!).  I will list completions each month.  Wouldn't it be nice to complete all of them in 2013--and then have a problem as to where to put them?!  Time to get these done--my skills should definitely improve by the reduction of that pile!  Some of these are baby quilts; most are large quilts.

Other UFO Lists
All of these lists are on paper; I will list completions each month.  I did not do very well on these lists in 2012; hopefully, by noting them here, I will do better in 2013.


  1. Hi Pat,

    WOW! you have a very long list of quilts to finish. IN 2011 I had a goal to quilt all my tops, I think I only had about 25-30 , and I did complete the goal. Now when I finish piecing a top I make sure it is quilted and bound in the same week. Having that stack of quilt tops made me feel like I wasn't accomplishing anything.

    Just think how great your numbers will be on the stash reports. That alone is worth quilting some of your tops.

    I really enjoy making string blocks - it is just mindless sewing and sometimes that is just want is needed.

    Have a wonderful New Year

  2. I thought when I got my longarm that my stack of tops to be quilted would decrease--didn't happen! I had some down time when I sold one LA and bought a different brand--and those darn quilts multiplied like there was some hanky-panky going on in the studio! Since I make & count my binding and backing when I finish piecing the top, my stash won't be decreasing :-( when they are quilted. I agree--string blocks allow your mind to wander. Have a great 2013!

  3. are busy. What do the letters after the numbers signify?

  4. I have an "a" list and it went over 12 (for the months), so I started a "b" list! I have way too many hobbies!!

  5. Wow, your whole list is a lot! Glad to see some NewFOs in there, too. Your January list looks reasonable.