Sunday, February 26, 2017

What's Happening...

So, part of what I did last week was try to organize my Longarm UFOs, putting the various types (applique, machine embroidered, hand embroidered, Lone Star, etc.) together.  I think I'd better revise my quilting resolutions for this year! 

And this isn't all as I still have some hung up.  Most of these have the backing and binding made and "packaged" together although there are a few that are just the top.  I think instead of striving to use 200 yards of stash fabric, I will just try to complete each of the "monthly draw" quilts (Judy Laquidera's project) and spend time getting these on the longarm.  I'm already wondering where I can store them when quilted--they will take up more room then than they do now!

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