Sunday, February 26, 2017

FABRIC STASH - WEEK 8, 2017 (2/26/17)

Used this Period: 16 yards 
Added this Period: 0 yards

Used year to Date:  26.67 yards
Added Year to Date:  3.5 yards

Net Stash Decrease for 2017:   23.17 yards


Done!  I finished the shoe quilt on the yellow background in a Triple Irish Chain setting.  The quilt measures 81x108.  I'm debating whether to make shams to match the quilt since I have 2 extra shoe blocks.  Came close on the yardage used in the Irish chain, even after buying the extra 1/2 yard of one of the fabrics.  I pulled the backing fabric from stash; it was a 10 yard piece purchased on sale several years ago for $2/yard at Hobby Lobby in our previous home town.  They used to reduce the price of fabrics after 6 months, which made for some excellent bargains on excellent quality fabrics.  I haven't found those bargains at Hobby Lobby for years.  Here is a picture of the quilt (almost all of it), and close-up pictures of three of my favorite shoes.











Now back to the funky teapots.


  1. Cute quilt! But I wouldn't want to try wearing any of those shoes myself.

  2. That's a big one! Congratulations.