Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Sewing...

Sewing is fun and therapeutic for me--so I don't count it as "work" which I avoid on Sundays.  (Now mending would be a different story--but I've successfully avoided that for many years!) I worked on one of my March goals today, the embroidered Undercover Kids quilt.  And became frustrated when my machine was doing the same thing it did before the tech worked on it.  Grrr!  I disassembled the bobbin area parts and found more lint than should have been there after just having been cleaned.  Every other piece I stitched had to be redone, and it was "clunking" like crazy even after I changed the needle (which was looser than I ever have it).  I hate having my machine worked on--it seems like they often do more harm than good.  The last block I pieced finally went better--guess I need to spend tomorrow sewing just to make sure it will work as it should.  I will be upset if I have to make another 250 mile trip!

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