Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Week of Fun

This past week included some fun things and different experiences.  Tuesday, I traveled to the next little town with Carol and we sat in on a demo of how to make noodles.  My mother used to make noodles once in a while, but she always said she didn't like "thick" noodles.  With the "pasta/noodle" machines that are available, that wouldn't be a problem now.  I don't think I will be making noodles anytime soon--I just bought a huge bag of noodles at SAMs last week!  But it was fun--we even had 2 men there for the demo.

Last night we went to a new-to-us eatery after Mass with some friends.  The turkey reuben sandwiches were awesome--and huge!  I think I must have been the oldest person there--did we really frequent such noisy places in our youth?!  Needless to say, my normal early bedtime got delayed, especially when the change to daylight savings time was considered!  It was fun and I enjoyed the food and the company.  Always good to get out of our normal routine once in a while.

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