Monday, February 11, 2013


Well, I'm procrastinating!  I'll soon go downstairs and work on my black/yellow pineapple quilt.  Next step will be to sew the triangles in the corners of all the blocks, then put the blocks together.  And then comes borders, backing, and binding.  I'm hoping for a finish by tomorrow or Wednesday.  I was thinking as I lay in bed last night about my stash--I've completed a lot of quilts in the last year or so--and my stash doesn't seem to be dwindling!  Do you suppose there are reproductive gremlins hiding in the fabric cabinet?!  Or is it just that I could never resist a bargain (most of my fabric was purchased when on sale for $3/yd. or less)--and thought I would live forever?!  Oh, well, I must be making some progress even if I can't tell yet.

It's a beautiful sunny day here, temps in the low single digits, and a good day to sew!

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