Thursday, February 28, 2013


GET IT DONE 2013 - MARCH Goals

DONE     1)  Design/piece T-Shirt quilt for my grand-niece (UFO).  How did I get talked into doing this?!  My niece and grand-niece said "please" and that was it!  I've machine quilted 1 T-Shirt quilt for a friend's granddaughter and decided it was not my favorite thing to do--and it was put together.  I believe a few of the t-shirts have been backed but that's all.

2)  Finish Red Basket Xmas quilt (UFO).  I did work on this--and am loving the way it is looking.  I am designing around the center motif, and deciding what to do as I go--and then hit the scourge of quilting from stash.  I don't have enough of one of the fabrics to finish!  I guess I could have stopped with the quilt being 70 inches square, but wanted to put another border on it.  A friend purchased 1.5 yards for me (thank goodness it is one of Hobby Lobby's staple fabrics--but it wasn't available on line), and she will bring it up to me in about a week.  Sooooo, I will finish it in March.

DONE     3)  Design/piece Embroidered Undercover Kids quilt (UFO). 

4)   Machine quilt/bind 4 quilts from my LA-UFO stack.  I only got one quilt done :-( so will add these to my March goals, too.  I didn't get the QOV bound yet--will get that done in the next couple of days.


1 DONE     1)  Machine quilt 4 quilts from my LA-UFO stack.  One quilt is partially finished; it's on zippers, so I just need to put it back on the longarm and start stitching again.  Two will be chosen randomly from my stack; and one will be the QOV I didn't get quilted in January.

NOT DONE     2)  Design & piece Red Basket Xmas quilt (UFO).  My quilting friend and I usually make one quilt a year for which we use the same pattern.  They turn out so differently--color, fabric, embellishments, settings--it is so much fun to compare when they are finished.  Anyway, Sandi will probably finish hers soon--and I haven't gotten beyond the center motif (which has been done for over a year!).     

NOT DONE     3)  Finish Embroidered Undercover Kids quilt (UFO).  I have the 12 blocks machine embroidered, but will need to make the blocks larger as they are about 6-inch squares.  I'm thinking of using a flying geese setting around each embroidered piece.

DONE     4) Finish piecing the top of the blue/lavender Pineapple quilt started in January (UFO)

DONE     5) 10 QOV blocks for Alycia's Block Drive

DONE     6) Finish piecing top/backing for black/yellow Pineapple quilt started in January (UFO)

DONE     7) Make 2 pillowcases, using the sausage or hot dog method.


  1. For not meeting all your goal you actually got a lot finished - good for you!

  2. Looks like you made great progress. Love the pineapple quilt and of course, QOV is near and dear to my heart. Do you know about the anniversary blocks for them? I plan on making several.

    1. I don't know about the QOV anniversary blocks. Please tell me about them.