Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day, 2013

I'm starting the new year a bit slowly--I have definitely adjusted to "retired time."  I have finished reading all the posts on Judy's Get It Done blog post.  Some are going to do a UFO Challenge, as well as the Get It Done.  I have to admit that I will miss the UFO Challenge that Judy has hosted; that challenge forced me to work on a quilt that I might otherwise put off to do an easier/more exciting/nearer completion project.  Having a number that was linked to a specific quilt drawn was an incentive for me to work on a quilt that might otherwise have been put off yet again.  So, I may have my husband draw a number for each month--but will try January without doing this--in addition to participating in the Get It Done challenge.

I'm excited to do some sewing today--the QOV String Quilt is beckoning to me!  I received a couple of quilt books from DH for Christmas--I seldom buy them for myself as there are so many quilts I see on the internet that I want to make.  But I want to conquer curved flying geese to use on one of the machine embroidered quilts on my list--Fast Flying Geese Quilts by Karin Hellaby should help. 

We have clumps of snow clinging to the lodgepole pine, and we are in the single digits again.  Our hill road is snowpacked, but we didn't have to walk home (up the hill) when we returned from Mass last night.  I think the sun will be out today--what a way to start the New Year!

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