Thursday, January 31, 2013



1)     Machine quilt 4 quilts from my LA-UFO stack.  One quilt is partially finished; it's on zippers, so I just need to put it back on the longarm and start stitching again.  Two will be chosen randomly from my stack; and one will be the QOV I didn't get quilted in January.

2)     Design & piece Red Basket Xmas quilt (UFO).  My quilting friend and I usually make one quilt a year for which we use the same pattern.  They turn out so differently--color, fabric, embellishments, settings--it is so much fun to compare when they are finished.  Anyway, Sandi will probably finish hers soon--and I haven't gotten beyond the center motif (which has been done for over a year!).     

3)     Finish Embroidered Undercover Kids quilt (UFO).  I have the 12 blocks machine embroidered, but will need to make the blocks larger as they are about 6-inch squares.  I'm thinking of using a flying geese setting around each embroidered piece.

DONE     4) Finish piecing the top of the blue/lavender Pineapple quilt I started in January (being wooed by the siren song in my head instead of piecing a second QOV!).  It's close--just need some corners added before I sew the blocks together--then borders, backing, and binding.  (UFO)

Whew!  I'd better get started tomorrow--it's a short month!  My report on January goals is below--not all done, but progress made!

January, 2013 Goals:
DONE     1) Finish piecing R/W/B String QOV  Delivered to Diane for Valley Piecemakers WY project.

2) Machine quilt Blue/W Labyrinth QOV. Not done, but the backing is made and on the longarm.  This will be added to my February goals.

1 DONE     3) Piece 2 Labyrinth QOVs in R/W.

DONE        4) Make 2 Fall/Pumpkin table runners.   I actually made 2 of the Fall/Pumpkin table runners (am only showing one)--the other one is 72 inches long.  The fabric is beautiful (one I was having a hard time cutting!)--it has gold metallic outlining the pumpkins. I didn't have any fusible cotton batting so I used Warm&Natural instead.  The "Easter Egg" table runner (showing 2 pictures so you can see the backing) is one I made before--I made 2 and gave one away.  I still need to find some large lavender buttons to put on each end--then I will fasten tassels to the buttons.  I don't decorate much for the different seasons/holidays--but like to have different table runners as when someone comes over, we seem to congregate at the table. 


  1. You accomplished a lot in January. Good luck on your February goals.

  2. Good going in January! I hope you do just as well in February... let's bust those UFOs.