Sunday, May 13, 2012

STASH REPORT - Week 20, 2012

Used this Week: 7 1/4 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: 102 3/4 yards
Added Year to Date: 52 2/3 yards 

Net Stash Decrease for 2012:  50 1/4 yards

Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there!  The homily at Mass last night brought tears to many of our eyes--and laughter to our hearts.  Each of the mothers/children there could relate to so many of the things the deacon enumerated--from cleaning up barf to standing on the sidelines of a sporting event (rather than staying in the warmth of the car) to hurting for our children's hurts and being proud and thankful for their triumphs.

It's a good thing I sewed the first part of the week as I was at HMQS (quilt show in Salt Lake City, Utah) the latter half of the week (wonderful time!).  I'm working on my May UFO which is a log cabin in blues and yellows (see Carla Barrett's  This has been on my bucket list for a long, long time!  I have 4 blocks sewn together--and won't use them as I don't like them.  I decided I would make my log cabin in a star design and was going to use dark/medium blues for the 4 center blocks of the center star--but, as I said, I don't like the dark blue.  So I will make 4 more in which I use all medium blues for the center of the center star.  Oh, well, it was an experiment that didn't turn out like I wanted!

I gifted 3.5 yards to my quilting buddy, Sandi.  These were leftover "blades" and leftover fabric from my Christmas Dresden plate quilt (UFO #10 for April).  I don't want to make any more Christmas Dresden plates/fan quilts--so I sent the leftovers to Sandi as she wants to try out her ruler--and likes to shop for Christmas fabrics!  I still have some Christmas fabrics left but it is larger cuts and I will keep it for future projects--just not Dresden plate/fan quilts!

My husband gave me several "friendship boxes" (each containing a fishing lure/item) for Mother's Day--and each made of a different wood.  I love them!!  And want you to see them, too.  He also got me several pair of SmartWool socks--said it wasn't a very romantic gift and I told him it was a wonderful gift.  There's nothing quite like the feel of a new pair of SmartWool socks--or any new pair of socks!!
See the turquoise in the walnut "box?"  Can you identify the other types of wood?  What a lovely gift!

HMQS classes were good--now I need to go downstairs and practice, practice, practice!  That may affect the completion of the May UFO--but what fun!  I love feathers and have lots of new ideas to try.  If any of you are longarm quilters, I highly recommend Claudia Pfeil's classes--and Jamie Wallen's classes/CDs--what wonderful feathers they both make!  Have a great Mother's Day and a wonderful week!

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  1. Your numbers are great. Glad you had a great time at HMQS, nothing compares to being in a class filled with other quilters all wanting to learn, so exciting and inspiring. Your bowes are lovely. Looks like one box is made from cedar.