Saturday, August 12, 2017

FABRIC STASH - WEEK 31, 2017 (8/6-13/17)

Used this Period: 0 yards 
Added this Period: 0 yards

Used year to Date:  112.61 yards
Added Year to Date:  22.38 yards

Net Stash Decrease for 2017:   90.23 yards


I seem to be going no where fast!  Another half month has passed with no time spent in the quilting studio.  Perhaps I will get something accomplished soon as the weather feels like it is changing already.  Mornings and evenings feel like fall--cool and crisp.  I'm predicting an early winter here on No-Name Mountain!


The Senior Center golf tournament (major fundraiser) is now receding in the rearview mirror.  We spent yesterday from 6 a.m. to about 5 p.m. helping with the tournament.  The Center puts together a breakfast and fabulous luncheon for the golfers.  I helped with registration again this year, and then DH and I sat at the 3rd hole to certify if anyone made a hole-in-one and won the Razor.  This year we had a heart-stopper as one gentleman's golf ball was about 2 inches to the left of the flag and came to rest about 16 inches past the hole.  DH said he could hear me gasp clear down at the other end!  My helper activities were curtailed a bit this year because of my knee.


And, speaking of my knee, a knee replacement is in the near future, latter part of September to be exact.  The doctor wants to wait for 3 months after the cortisone shot (which didn't help), so the surgery will take place in September.  I had the pre-op tests/procedures on Thursday, including an EKG.  So, barring the unforeseen, I will be complaining about the pain in another month--but I will be on the way to being able to do my usual activities again.  That's something to look forward to!


I received the fabric assortment for the Desire to Inspire August challenge from Henry Glass, and have been thinking of what I want to make.  The fabrics are from the new Country Cuisine collection--the theme is strawberries.  I will be starting on it either tomorrow or Monday--and will be making kitchen projects.  It will be interesting to see them come to fruition--just need to jump in and get the first item started.  I need to have projects done and pictures submitted by the end of the month--and just received the fabric bundle on the 8th--all our mail is routed through Salt Lake City which slows things down a bit!  

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