Friday, August 25, 2017

Desire to Inspire Update...

Can you say marathon sewing?!  Where did this month go?  All I'm sure of is that there is only 1 week left to finish my projects for the August Desire to Inspire Challenge.  No excuses not to have it done..but here are my excuses!  The fabric package arrived late afternoon on the 8th.  I started a table runner but couldn't finish it because I didn't have the right color tassels.  OK, I'll start another runner while I'm waiting to go to the nearest big city for tassels.  (We're limited on craft/sewing supplies here.)  Then a doctor's appointment in a nearby little town on the 14th and pre-op tests for my upcoming knee replacement--that took most of the day.  In the meantime, I advertised and sold my Pfaff 807 (purchased in 1985) and my Hobbylock 796 serger (purchased in 1989). 

I started a new prescription for a UTI that was just starting and that same morning helped set up the quilt display in my small town for the Valley-wide quilt show--and started feeling very sick.  Things went downhill from there--bad headache, fever, chills, nausea, cold sweats, a general feeling of being very ill.  I quit taking the prescribed medicine after the 3d pill (2nd morning!), called the doctor, and then started benadryl.  Then came the hives--yes, an allergic reaction to the drug.  It took 5 days to get my system back to normal--it was a bad reaction.  Then came the day of the eclipse which we spent with friends 25 miles further north...and a trip to the nearby big city to get tassels, fleece interfacing, etc. for my projects.  And now, marathon sewing...  I keep having new ideas of things to make with the fabrics I received!  I have 6 items completed and will make another 4 today, hopefully.  And could sure use that serger for finishing the edge of napkins--of course!!

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