Friday, August 25, 2017

Driveway Gardening...

Some people do patio gardening and some do container gardening--and we do driveway gardening!  Our driveway is our largest expanse free from trees so that's where we garden.  Our conversation yesterday morning went something like this:

Me:  Who's out front?  (We have a buzzer that sounds when someone/something is in the driveway--and it also goes off if someone walks or drives by or if the neighbor parks near the property line.  There is also a camera that shows us who it  is.)

DH:  What?
Me:  Who is out front?
DH:  I don't see anyone.
Me:  There's someone out front.
DH:  (as he looks at the camera picture)  Oh, it's the deer.

At that point, DH went out to shoo them of and here's what he saw:

He's a beauty, isn't he?  One of the reasons he looks so nice is because he's eating his veggies!  Yes. he ate all the cherry tomatoes and the plants as well!  Mr. Deer also brings his harem, including the twin fawns.  Did you know that deer like to eat hollyhocks? and raspberries? and lilies? and cherry trees?  They love the smorgasbord of our yard!  I have some lilies that I've never seen bloom--don't even know what color they are!

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