Sunday, December 25, 2016

FABRIC STASH - WEEK 44-51, 2016 (10/30-12/25/16)

Used this Period: 7.5 yards 
Added this Period: 5 yards

Used year to Date:  198.12 yards
Added Year to Date:  23.08 yards

Net Stash Decrease for 2016:   175.04 yards


I haven't spent much time in my quilting studio in the last couple of months; I hope to change that in the New Year.  I bought 2 yards of coordinating flannel (coordinated to my pink elephant flannel) and made 2 double receiving blankets for a friend who has a new great-grandbaby.  At the same time I purchased 3 yards of a Christmas cowboy hat fabric--just because.  I'm in love with it and am looking forward to deciding what I will use it for.


Then my granddaughter decided she wanted to make a dress for her mother as a Christmas gift--my granddaughter was 8 on Christmas Eve day!  My son told her she would need a pattern and her reply was:  "I don't need a pattern; I'm just going to make a dress!"  He told her that Grandma has a lot of fabric (understatement!), and she should call me.  When she told me she wanted to make a dress for her mother, I told her that when I started sewing, I made an apron as my first project--and would she like to make an apron instead of a dress.  She thought that would be all right and said it needed to be pretty, funky, and colorful.  I asked my son if someone was going to help her; and he said yes, probably he would (which is like the blind leading the blind!)!  I thought about it overnight and then called him to see if I could send him a "kit" for the apron--the answer was yes.  So, I found some Mardi Gras fabric, cut out the main apron, ironed down the edges so they would just need to be stitched, made the apron ties and the top ties (with D rings) with finished ends, made a lined pocket that would just need to be sewn down on 3 sides, and made a decorative piece in lieu of ruffles which would have been harder for her to sew with the gathered edge, made a printed instruction sheet, and sent it off.  Since the 6-year-old granddaughter was feeling left out and wanted to make something, too, I also cut out 2 stocking panels, made backs for them, and made (sewed) a lining for each.  I also made the hanger for each.  When my son started to help with the apron, he called and wanted to know how to thread the machine (a Singer 404) and how to insert the bobbin--what a wonderful invention the IPhone is--I could be on facetime with him and point to different parts of the threading path!  The apron was finished in time to be wrapped, and the stockings were put together in time to be hung--projects completed!  My son is a great dad, even though he says sewing is not his forte!!


I had really hoped to net 200 yards used this year; I guess I have my goal for next year!!  I hope everyone of my quilting blog friends have had a blessed Christmas and will have a great New Year.  

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