Sunday, January 1, 2017

Stash Busting Goals - 2017

I'm excited to reduce my stash; it's so great to start with a clean slate!  Perhaps I can resist the siren call of the beautiful new fabrics.  I will continue to purchase fabrics as needed to coordinate with my stash fabrics, but hopefully I will resist buying fabrics that I "just can't live without."  My goal is for a net reduction of 200 yards in 2017.  My 2017 goals are:


A) Reduce the LongarmUFO list.  That will start in January.  I won't put a definite number per month since that didn't work in any previous years.  Quilted quilts take up more space than pieced tops--but that would be a good problem to confront!


B) Reestablish a UFO/NewFO quilt top list--this will be A,B, and C lists, as follows:

DONE 4/22/17  1a) Brown-Peach Quilt (NewFO)
2a) Solid/Scrappy Quilt w/Quilted Spirals (NewFO)
DONE 1/31/17  3a) Sandi-Pat Challenge Country Cottages Quilt (NewFO)
4a) Embroidered BFC Cupcakes (NewFO) (machine embroidery not done)
DONE 3/14/17  5a) Blue/Yellow TeaTime Quilt (NewFO)
6a) Bear Claw in Bear Claw (NewFO)
7a) Scrappy 16-Patch Quilt (UFO)
8a) Embroidered Morehead Angels (NewFO) (machine embroidery not done)
DONE 2/22/17  9a) Embroidered BFC Shoes (NewFO) (machine embroidery not done)
10a) Sandi-Pat Challenge Quilt-Manipulated Quilt (NewFO)
DONE 5/17/17  11a) Scrappy Twirling 9-Patch (NewFO)
Penguin (NewFO)
Embroidered Redwork Angels (NewFO)
Scrappy Birds in the Air (NewFO)
Dizzy Geese in R/W/B (NewFO)
4b) Biscuit Quilt (NewFO)
5b) Scrappy "Corners 81" (NewFO)
Embroidered Child's Parable Quilt (NewFO)
Sunshine Pineapple (NewFO) 
8b) Selvage/Scrappy String Quilt (NewFO)
9b) Halloween  Black-Orange Star Quilt (NewFO)
Color Spectrum Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt (NewFO)
Courthouse Steps Quilt (NewFO)
12b) Basket Quilt (NewFO)

1c) Double Dresdan Quilt (NewFO)
2c) Waterwheel Variation Quilt (NewFO)
3c) 3-Size Blade Dresdan Plate Quilt (NewFO)
DONE 3/28/17  4c) Blue/Yellow/Green Modified Labyrinth (NewFO)
DONE 4/25/17  5c) Blue/Mauve Dbl Labyrinth
DONE 7/12/17  6c)Blue/Mauve Half Log Cabin

C) Work on Machine Embroidery/Embroidery/Crochet/Decorative Painting UFO lists.  All of these lists are on paper; I will list completions as they are finished.  I will attempt to include more pictures of completions and stash on my blog.

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