Sunday, March 25, 2012

STASH REPORT - Week 13, 2012

Used this Week: 3/4 yards 
Used year to Date: 71 1/4 yards 

Added this Week: 0 yards 
Added Year to Date: 25 2/3 yards 

Net Stash Decrease for 2012:  45 1/2 yards

Oh, this math is getting complicated!  I just rounded so I wouldn't have to get in the "12ths" of a yard.  Not much fabric used--I counted a guesstimate for the applique used in my Santa blocks as I was using fabric scraps from my applique stash.  I spent a lot of time sewing--well, not counting Monday when I read instead of sewing!  My Santa quilt is progressing (good thing--need to start preparing our tax returns!); it is assembled in 4 segments and I have 2 put together.  I will count the sashing next week; I had hoped to have all 4 segments put together, so I could count it this week but the book was just too enticing!  I have one more machine embroidery block (there were 6 total amongst the applique blocks) to do today and then I can put the final 2 segments together  :-)  and start thinking about borders.  There is a lot of blanket stitch when you have 34 blocks.  My husband asked how many "pieces" are in each block, so I counted the one I was working on at that time--24 (some have more, some have less)--but that's not counting all the starts and stops for overlaps, etc.  I'm ready for this quilt to be done!!

What a weird winter/spring it has been!  We have had so much melting this year--makes me afraid for summer forest fires.  Our roof had only about 6 inches of snow remaining, and some of it is completely free of snow.  The forest floor is showing, and the catkins are on the native pussywillows.  We've seen more birds returning--and it's still March on the mountain!!  I'm beginning to get spring fever with the nice weather.

On another note, I may have to learn to use the camera so I can add more pictures--but maybe not!  Gives my husband a reason to get out of his shop and visit the sewing/quilting room!!


  1. I say you keep letting DH take the photos. I do a similar thing with my husband - he holds the quilts for me.

    I'll have to go over and visit your other posts to get a peek at this quilt - sounds wonderful with all that applique!

    1. I'm not sure I like the quilt as well as I thought I would. If I were to make it again (NOT!) or give an opinion to anyone else who might want to make it, I think I would recommend splitting the blocks into 2 twin-sized quilts with more non-applique blocks scattered throughout and a different setting. I will post a picture next week on the UFO segment (it was on my "C" list). Tomorrow will see the borders done and the backing/binding made--yea!!

  2. Rounding is good - I use excel so get really wierd decimals... oh well - as long as we are having fun right? ;-)

    1. I really like reducing stash and finishing quilts--but have to admit that I was tired of working on this one! Does anyone else tire of a quilt before they finish it?!

    2. Are you kidding, Pat. Why do you think we quilters have so many UFO's. ha ha. It comes with the territory I think.