Sunday, March 18, 2012

STASH REPORT - Week 12, 2012

Nothing in, nothing out--well, sort of. 

Used this Week: 0 yards 
Used year to Date: 70 1/2 yards 

Added this Week: 0 yards 
Added Year to Date: 25 2/3 yards 

Net Stash Decrease for 2012:  44 5/6 yards

I have been working on the Santa quilt all week; only 10 more blocks to applique, and then I can start putting it together.  Since I am using fabric from my "applique" stash, I'm not sure how much I have actually used.  So, I decided I would not count the fabric in the appliques until they are all done--then I'll probably use the amount shown on the pattern minus a percentage since I don't think I actually used as much as they recommend.  Anyway, that is my plan; I should be able to finish the blocks this week and count fabric used next week.  I was really excited about the first 18 blocks, but now am looking forward to finishing the applique and putting the top together.  So many tiny pieces!  My husband remarked that most people who would look at the finished quilt would have no idea of how much time is involved--true! 

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  1. Yes, but it will be beautiful when it's completed, I'm sure. Applique is a true test of a quilter. It's all about patience! Can't wait to see it.