Sunday, May 7, 2017

FABRIC STASH - WEEK 18, 2017 (5/7/17)

Used this Period: 0 yards 
Added this Period: 0 yards

Used year to Date:  82.53 yards
Added Year to Date:  22.38 yards

Net Stash Decrease for 2017:   60.15 yards


Nothing in, nothing out.  We took the road trip to the West Coast and spent time with family there.  So, the first part of this week was spent traveling--then came catching up with things on the home front.  My jonquils are now blooming and the tree leaves are popping out.  We're having spring weather, so it's time to get the decks cleaned and cushions out.  DH has plants in the greenhouse--what a glorious time of the year!  And maybe I'll even get some time to play with fabric this week!


  1. Spri g Siva wonderful time to enjoy outside.

  2. I love all the flowers of spring, I could sit outside and watch them for hours