Sunday, April 2, 2017

FABRIC STASH - WEEK 13, 2017 (4/2/17)

Used this Period: 12.78 yards 
Added this Period: 7 yards

Used year to Date:  51.45 yards
Added Year to Date:  10.5 yards

Net Stash Decrease for 2017:   40.95 yards


One step forward, 2 steps back!  I finished a quilt, but had to purchase more blue fabric to do the border and binding.  I figured that I would need 2 1/4 yards and decided to get 2 1/2 yards "just in case."  When I went to the cutting table, there was 3 yards on one piece on the bolt, and she asked me if I wanted the extra at 50%.  I really didn't want to boost my numbers added; but since that made the extra half yard free, I (thrifty me!) said OK and took the hit.  I used just under 2 1/4 yards of that blue.  I used all of 3 of the blues and 2 of the greens.  The quilt measures 95x95.  (That's Smokey, the CA Lhasa, in the corner.)  I haven't made the backing yet as I'm still trying to decide what to do.  The only 2 neutral fabrics I have in stash that are large enough for the backing are both directional--which means more cutting and more seams.  I do have yardage that is a true green that I could use--but it certainly doesn't match the lime greens in the quilt.  What to do?!  

Then, since we made a trip to the near big city, I dug out fabric for another quilt on my list so I could get some coordinating fabric.  The brown with peach flowers was purchased in 2008 at JoAnn's @ $1.50/yard; I purchased matching fabric with larger flowers at the same time and for the same price.  It will be used for the backing.  I bought the peach fabric with small dots at Hobby Lobby on this trip--it was $4.90/yard and I got 4 yards, mainly because I'm not sure what pattern I will use for the quilt or how large I will make it.  I think I'll probably do some variation of the log cabin pattern.  Since I'll only be using the 2 fabrics, I think I'll embroider a bullion rose in the pin dot fabric in a darker peach--I think.  Or I might see if I can get some fabric in the darker peach.  Or I might make the labyrinth pattern.  So many choices (and so little time to decide)!  I'm so in love with this fabric! 

A secondary story is that I have talked my sister and a friend into participating in the stash-busting challenge.  They both called me bright and early on March 1 to find out which number we were going to work on in March.  Well, I called them bright and early yesterday morning (April 1) to tell them the number for April is #1.  They both finished 2 quilts during March--both finished a quilt that just needed to be bound.  I don't know if either will stay the course, but both will benefit from participating!  At times I wish I were working with UFOs instead of NewFOs--it would be easier. 


The Senior Center had a craft session this week, making a deco mesh wreath for Easter or spring/summer.  I wanted to be able to use mine all summer, so I didn't use any Easter eggs as part of my wreath.  I will be able to change out the "Spring" sign easily as we move into summer.


Mama Moose is visiting the neighborhood again, but we've seen no sign of a yearling or baby.  She looks like she is in good shape--so often they are fighting ticks and look pretty mangy.  The stellar jay has made his presence known, scolding DH when he is working in the yard.  We still have some piles of snow, but we also have lots of grass showing.  It is snowing now, and spring is on hold.  No major slides in the Canyon this week.  


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