Friday, August 31, 2012

UFO #7 (Aug.) - DONE

I thought I was doing so well--and then I looked at the posts that are published and realized that I am definitely an underachiever!!  Way to go, everyone--so many have multiple projects posted for August.

I made my August quilt early in the month--Kakudo, a free pattern on the Kona site--and was feeling pretty smug.  I even used the Moda Marble I ordered to go with my focus fabric (it wasn't the color I had a bit of, but it matched the focus fabric).  And then I realized that Kakudo wasn't the August UFO!!  Oh, well, I'm sure it was on my "b" or "c" list.  Now it's moved to the longarm stack.

Neither picture really shows the "true" color--the poinsettias are bronze and gold and the orange-looking fabric is actually a cinnamon color.

Then I needed to make a QOV for a brave young man who stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and who has already undergone 14 surgeries--and has many more to go.  I feel so sorry that he has to go through the pain and suffering, but his attitude is so good.  I used the Carpenter Star pattern--it is pieced, quilted, and mailed.

And then I got word that 2 more QOVs were needed for the families of the platoon God is assembling in heaven.  They are both pieced--and, yes, I did use the Labyrinth pattern so I guess I did finish my August UFO!  They are ready to be loaded on the longarm tomorrow.  (I'm glad I bought patriotic fabric when we went to the city!!)
They are both exactly the same, but the backings will probably be different.  I embroidered the labels for all 3 of the QOVs at the same time--just need to get the quilting done.

I also made 2 10-inch blocks for a quilt to be given to the lady who has been the guiding light for our quilting guild.  Her husband has Alzheimer's, and she and her son will be putting him in a care home.  It has been really difficult for her.

Anyway, I'm making a Cherry Cobbler now and have 2 loaves of zucchini bread cooling.  It's a busy time of the year--how did I get everything done before I retired?!


  1. All 3 of your quilts are beautiful. I'm so happy to see your QOVs and know there are more of us helping to fill the need for our brave men and women. The Labyrinth pattern is going to be our 1,000th QOV for our group. It will be hand quilted starting in Oct. and hope to finish it before the end of the year. Congratulations on accomplishing so much in August.

  2. Congrats on the finishes. Very pretty quilts!

  3. Finishes are always to be celebrated! Great job. Your QOV quilts are wonderful too. You seem very busy!

  4. What a caring and giving heart you have! Beautiful finishes.

  5. All the quilts are beautiful! The orange one is so unusual. Congrats on all the finishes!