Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Easter Egg Bowl...

I thought you might like to see my wood-turned Easter eggs and the bowl they reside in.  Each is made from a different wood (there are a few duplicates), come in different sizes (pullet to goose!), and are filled with M&Ms!  The bowl (with eggs) resides in the dining room year-round--and I periodically shake the eggs to see whether the Easter Bunny has made a trial run.  A few times I have even found the Easter Bunny's "nest," located in my husband's shop!

Well, the Easter Bunny did insert 2 plastic eggs this year--I think that was to insure that I could see them and would not get discouraged in the hunt.  We still have snow in the yard so it is a challenge to find some of them (Mr. Bunny always tells me how many I should find!)

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