Sunday, July 24, 2016

FABRIC STASH - WEEK 25-29, 2016 (6/26-7/24/16)

Used this Period: 0 yards 
Added this Period: 4 yards

Used year to Date:  157.39 yards
Added Year to Date:  11.58 yards

Net Stash Decrease for 2016:   145.81 yards


Where has the time gone?!  It doesn't seem possible that it is almost August!  Our little town had Mountain Man Days June 24-26.  It is a fun time--we see a lot of people and enjoy looking at the wares.  I helped at the Auxiliary tent for awhile and listened to a presentation on raptors which was very good and quite informative.  I won several items through the drawing (you can buy raffle tickets for items donated by various businesses)--a leather Western purse, an eagle picture, a haircut and pedicure, a hummingbird feeder, and some gun cleaning items from the Fly Shop.  We had a going away reception for our two priests on June 25; I helped make 200 sliders before Mass--our JCCW is blessed to have wonderful people who put together excellent receptions with a touch of elegance.  DH's sister and brother-in-law arrived on June 26 and stayed until June 30.  DS and family arrived on June 27 and stayed until July 3.  There were so many things to do and so many conversations to have--the time went quickly.  The grandchildren are growing rapidly.  And the house was very quiet after everyone left!  I spent the next couple of days resting and catching up on sleep--not as young as I used to be.  Then we had receptions for our new priests for a couple of weekends.  And we've worked on cutting/splitting/stacking wood for the winter.  I still have a bit to stack, but today (July 23) DH brought the remainder of the split wood to where it is being stacked.  I will finish stacking it on Monday and that fall task will be done until the next 3 cords are delivered.

I haven't been down in my quilting studio since my last blog post--oh, except to iron shirts for DH.  I still have 14 shirts to iron--maybe this week.  We have forest fires that are about 25-30 miles from here--it is so dry.  So now we are wondering what we would try to grab if we had one here and were told to evacuate.  I told DH that I would want to take the immigrant trunk that was used by my great-aunt's parents when they came to the United States from Austria--that meant we needed to move it upstairs so it would be more accessible.  It's hard to think of what you would try to grab if you had only 30 minutes to evacuate.  We pray we never have to make those decisions, but we live in an old forest.


The birds ate our sweet cherries--they weren't quite ripe but had enough color to attract the birds.  The serviceberries are ready to be picked, and the raspberries are nearly ready.  Time isn't going to slow down!  DH is going to try to grow morel mushrooms and has been preparing a plot.  We planted more trees this year, and they are doing well.


I pulled a couple of large yardages from my fabric stash--both were purchased several years ago at the Hobby Lobby in the middle part of the State (at $2/yd. on clearance!).  I purchased a light brown cotton to go with one of the pieces and hope to start cutting a Hunter's Star quilt this week.  I'm excited to get started on another quilt.  

And that's what has been happening on No Name Mountain during the last month!





























  1. You have been busy with so many visitors and events. No wonder you haven't got a finish to report. Your life is full

  2. Great used numbers for the year. I hope you get some time to get back into the sewing studio for SEWING and NOT ironing. lol